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Is Green food more Expensive?

If you shop in a supermarket, or convenience store then you compare environmental superior products to standard ones generally there are more expensive. But all that is required is a bit of lateral thinking;
Frozen New Zealand Lamb - £10.98 kg British Lamb - £13.99 kg
lamb chop frozen  fresh lamb

But perhaps you could change you choices, rather than make a direct comparisson. In order to to buy greener food, why not go for a cheaper cut, and buy local

Frozen New Zealand Lamb - £10.98 kg British Lamb Shoulder - £8.99 kg
lamb chop frozen  shoulder of lamb 
So by slightly changing your choice you can buy greener food, and it will be cheaper as well. win win win.

Maybe eating a bit less meat could be an option, perhaps have meat 3 times a week, instead of 5 times a week, by less meat but by better quality meat.

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