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Grow you own food

Why not grow you own grub if this will be your first time growing stuff then stick something easy, Kale is a very easy crop to grow, and can be eaten boiled like your gran likes it, or you can finely shred the leaves and add them to stir fry and curries. Tomatoes are also easy to grow, if you have a warm spot.

Resources for growing your own food.

Green Food - Grow Your Own

This website has information on how to grow some of the more popular vegetable for the garden. Kale, Tomatoes, Cabbage, Leeks all tasty stuff.

BBC gardeners world 

BBC Gardeners' World - Seasonal, expert gardening advice, step-by-step project guides, a wealth of plant information and celebrity gardening blogs.

UK Gardening

The UK Gardening web site has been running since 1998. The idea behind the site, has always be to provide what we think will be interesting and useful information for the novice gardener.

Haven't Got a Garden

Land Share

Landshare brings together people who have a passion for home-grown food, connecting those who have land to share with those who need land for cultivating food. Since its launch through River Cottage in 2009 it has grown into a thriving community of more than 55,000 growers, sharers and helpers.

What to put on your Garden

Don't put fertiliser on your garden. Use compost, you can buy it from companies all over the UK. An example might be Bracken Down Compos Somerset.

How to Grow Vegetables

How to Grow Artichokes How to Grow Asparagus How to Grow Aubergine / Egg Plant
How to Grow Beans   How to Grow Beet Root   How to Grow Broccoli
How to Grow Endive   How to Grow Kale   How to Grow Leeks
How to Grow Lettuce   How to Grow Onions   How to Grow Parsley
How to Grow Parsnips   How to Grow Spinach   How to Grow Sprouts and Cabbage
How to Grow Tomatoes        



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