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How to Grow Endive

Not a favorite of mine but OK for a bit of variety. . . .

Endive is a lettuce-like vegetable which shares with chicory a bitter taste If not blanched, but as this is the only job that has to be done to make it different from growing an ordinary lettuce it is surprising that It is not more widely grown. Like chicory, too, it comes into use during the late autumn and winter months when there is no other crisp crunchy salading available. It is even Jess trouble than chicory as It can be blanched where it is grown, in fact the very crudest method of blanching is to lay a slate or a piece of board on top of the growing plant. Seeds may be sown in V-shaped drills from early May to early July and a small quantity is best sown at a time to provide a succes­sion of plants for blanching, for when once blanched they should be used within a few days. As it takes about three weeks of darkness to give a creamy crisp salad this will give In indication of the times between sowing. When the seedlings are about 2-3 inches tall thin out to about a foot apart and when the eaves are about 8-10 inches long they are fit for blanching. They are not entirely hardy in that they will not stand severe freezing, but it is easy to provide protection either by cloches along the row or rows of bricks with glass over the top. In southern districts little trouble should be experienced especially if hey are arranged to come into use when the last of the lettuces are finished.
how to grow endive

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