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How to Grow Broccoli

Considerable confusion exists about these and many people regard them as a separate group, whereas in fact, the single-headed types are merely winter heading cauliflowers which have been selected for their hardness and the incurving protective habit of their leaves. The true broccoli are the sprouting types which will be dealt with under its appropiate heading. To make the fullest use of the successful heading characteristics of the wide range of varieties now offered, a study should be made of several catalogues as it is apt to be confusing as they are divided into three groups: winter heading, early spring heading and late spring heading. It is further confused by the fact that many of the varieties offered are not hardy in all parts of the country, many being confined in practice to the Scilly Isles, Cornwall and the wanner wintered south. Even where they are hardy in the Northern Counties, proximity to industrial towns will cause heavy losses amongst varieties which will survive in areas just as cold, but in the purer air of the country. how to grow boccoli


For autumn and winter use: Snow's Winter White, Veitch's Self-protecting, Knight Protecting. For spring use: Leamington, Markanta, For late or summer use: Royal Oak, May Blossom, Midsummer and Late Queen. Sow from March to June as advised for sprouts and treat culturally in the same way during the growing season.

Sprouting Broccoli

These produce masses of small heads over a long period and are cut as required. Some varieties produce a large terminal head and after this is cut it is succeeded by a lot of small heads extending over a long season. Their popularity is not so great as they deserve, mainly perhaps because of their rather messy look when over-cooked; their flavour, however, is excellent and supplies are provided over a long period when choice vegetables are scarce. Treatment as for sprouts. Varieties. Early and Late white sprouting. Early and Late purple sprouting. Calabrese and Express Corona, green sprouting.

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