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Aubergine / Egg Plant

Is a popular vegetable with those who have sampled it abroad and who have taken the trouble to grow it for the first time. In the southern half of the country it may be grown outdoors or under cloches and will thrive on a warm, sheltered border under conditions suitable for tomatoes. The seeds should be sown in gentle in spring and potted up separately in 3-inch pots and if to be grown in a porch or greenhouse pot up when the pot is full of roots into a 7-inch or 8-inch pot.

Plant outdoors under cloches in late April or early May-after frosts have gone, if unprotected after first hardening on Each plant will produce an average of eight egg-shaped fruits, purple in colour. This variety is ripe when the uniformly coloured. This fruit is rarely used as a vegetable by Itself, but by cutting lengthwise and scooping out the centre like a small marrow and stuffing with any meat or poultry filling available. Syringe to keep free from greenfly, and occasionally when in flower, to set the fruit. Using a fine spray from a hose is quite suffici­ent for this purpose.
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