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Eat Less Food

The below table shows details of diet for various life styles / nationalities.

Life Style / Nationality Typical Day Activities Calorific Intake
Average American Shower, Drive, Sit, Walk to Bathroom, Drive, Sit, Sleep 3,747 calories a day
Polar Explorer Breaks Camp, Walks 15 miles (at least 5 hours) pulling a sledge weighing 30kg over uneven surfaces, establishes camp, sleeps. 6000
Average African Carrying water, cooking. 300 - 400

With a suggested daily intake of 2500 calories for men, 2000 calories for women in the UK are we setting the bar a bit high?
bmi chart Perhaps we should eat a bit less, it doesn't sound very appealing, but you never know until you try. If you are putting on weight you are eating to much. . . should you loose some weight.

Ok so this is a bit harsh, but lean IS green.



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