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How to Choose Green Food

It is not hard to choose green food, all it takes is a little common sense, and perhaps a few seconds to scan the labels on the product, if it has one, and see what is on there.

Eco Labels

Eco Labels are a good way to see whether food is green or not, however, some companies seek to appease the environmental consumer with meaningless labels. Examples below of good and bad.
msc logo The Good

A proper eco label certified by a respected body, you can look on the Marine Stewardship Council Website, and it will tell you what there label means.
recycle label  The Bad

This recycling label is not very informative, what does it mean is the product made from recycled material or does it mean you can recycle it??

The recycled label to the right is better, at least it tells you something.
dolpin friendly The Ugly

Oh dear oh dear.

"Dolphin Friendly" tuna. What does this mean? Do they "try" not to catch any dolphins, with there 2 km long nets.

A classic example of worthless eco-labeling.

What if there is No Label?

Hmmm, well looks like you will have to use your loaf. Just because there is no eco label doesn't mean that the product is necessarily bad.

 Perhaps think about the product in general.

- Is it from the UK?
- Is it energy intensive to make?
- Is there lots of packaging?

Questions like these will help you choose greener, leaner products.

Try to buy:

- Organic Food*
- Unprocessed Food
- Fresh Food
- Local Food

Too much packaging
Apples in a bag . . . why? 

*Organic Meat and Dairy can have a higher carbon foot print than conventionally reared equivalents.


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