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Benefits of Fresh Food


Fresh Food will last longer than old food. Quite often I buy a punnet of tomatoes from a supermarket, and they have gone furry, before I have even had a chance to eat them, in the summer this can be just a few days.

What a waste of money, and resources that is. Think of the journey that tomato has taken to get to you, and if you haven't eaten it then it was all for nothing.
mouldy tomatoe

Think Seasonal

It is hard to know what is fresh in the supermarket, but if you stop and think, for a while things become clearer.

It is January you are looking at a packet of British Strawberries, how long do you think they have been in cold storage for? Well strawberries that grow outdoors, stop fruiting by late summer, at the latest so, those strawberries have been in controlled atmosphere storage for 3 months minimum. They are just aching to go rotten.

So have a look around and buy something that is in season, problem is in January not a lot is in season. Root vegetables are a good winter crop, but then they are not Strawberries.

We as a society have become used to eating what we want when we want, and it is very hard to break that habit


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