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Benefits of Buying Local Food

supply chain To the left we can see a typical "supply chain" which might apply to any food that goes in to your mouth.

In fact the more you look at a supply chain the more complicated it gets.

Let us compare two companies both selling carrots to a consumer like you and me. The examples are idealised to show a simple and complex supply chains.

Farm Shop (Example of Simple Supply Chain):

The carrots are grown and harvested in the autumn, they are sorted and stored in cool storage until they are sold to customers in the farm shop.

Supermarket (Example of Complex Supply Chain):

The carrots are grown and harvested in the autumn, they are sorted based on the supermarkets strict supply criteria, around 10% of the carrots are thrown away. The carrots are stored until the are collected by lorry, and taken for further storage and a centralised packaging factory, this may not even be in the UK, after preparation and packaging, carrots are collected, and taken to the store which may be 100s of miles away, and stored before sale, finally the carrots make it on to the supermarket shelf, but unfortunately, they have been travelling around for so long that  they go rotten within a week of you purchasing them, and end up in the bin.

What Can I Do?

The supermarket is great, it saves time, and time is precious. This alongside price is probably why they have become so popular, but how long does it take to sign up to a veg box scheme? or pop in to that farm shop you drive past every day? Not long at all, and the prices are as good if not better than you will find for the same quality of produce in the Supermarkets.


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