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Benefits of Organic Food to the Environment

Standard farming methods appear more efficient, ie you get more output per acre of farmland, than you would using an organic system.

But what you are seeing is a pay off from the masses of energy that has gone in to producing artificial fertilizers and pesticides. In fact a study found a 20% smaller yield from organic farms using 50% less fertilizer and 97% less pesticide.

As much as forty percent of energy used in the food system goes towards the production of artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

So organic food will have a lower carbon footprint, and will maintain higher levels of bio diversity within the crop lands.

What can I do?

organic eco label You can look for this symbol on products you buy.

For more information visit
vege boxes

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Better still you could sign up for a weekly vege box, local food means less miles travelled.



Riverford which are based in the Southwest and deliver all over the Southwest UK.


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